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My Dear Jean-Claude, when we met for the first time, you told me: " Without any doubt, we'll end up working together on something one of these days." Well, you were right. Here it is!
Best Regards, Jean-Michel

Jean-Claude Brouillet
From African Skies to Tahitian Black Pearls

This Website is dedicated to someone fantastic, and to the incredible destiny that was his. Be ready to travel far on the heels of an ordinary guy who was bold enough to believe in his wildest dreams. From African skies to Polynesian Lagoons, in the back of beaten up trucks, on the wooden wings of antique biplanes or at the helm of magnificent sailboats, Jean-Claude Brouillet sliced through life like a meteor.

This story is about friendship, adventure, humanity and the will to succeed against all odds. It is a modern day fairy tale, stretching from Gabon's wild jungles all the way to the blue of the Pacific Islands. Along for the ride on this surrealistic trip are larger than life people, exotic lands, fame and fortune.

It is the inspiring real life story of a kid who wouldn't be discouraged, who dared to believe in his dreams and who worked hard to make them come true. And from scratch, he did...

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