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To contact Jean-Claude Brouillet, please write to: info@jcbrouillet.com

Please be advised that Mr. Brouillet tight schedule and frequent trips around the world makes it difficult for him to answer all his mail. We, therefore, cannot guarantee an answer to all submitted communications.

This Website was created in a very spontaneous, enthusiastic, impulsive, and totally free burst of fun by two longtime friends who are avid admirers of Mr. Brouillet.

Writing and research:

Jean-Michel Ghoussoub
Born in Africa to a Canadian mother with native Indian blood and to a French father of Lebanese origins, JM spent his childhood traveling the world. Curiosity and adventure stuck with him. When he's not running Uranium Design, the Web design business he co-founded; he escapes wherever the winds of adventure will take him, as long as it is toward the unknown. He doesn't like to sleep, ferociously reads Kessel, Cendrars, Londres, Monfreid, Istrati and the other nomadic writers, composes bad poetry, writes an ever unfinished book and juggles with more projects than he can handle. All the while keeping his smile; always calm and always running.

Jean-Philippe Cyr
JP is driven by passion. Unrelenting traveler, jack-of-all-trades and self taught genius, he hops from sailing to mountaineering, from snowshoeing to skiing, from oenology to gastronomy or even - why not? - Engineering. Businessman, movie enthusiast and Webjedi, JP's a whirlwind of ideas and project of which this site is an example among many others.

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